Wednesday, December 8, 2010

Things Happen In Threes

All that nice crunchy snow has melted and it's now all turned to ice. Definitely not conditions that are conducive to any form of training. Though I have seen a few runners out, risking the pavements, using a skating sort of technique.

So it’s kind of lucky that training isn't actually required. Well not for this weekend. Great Langdale’s Christmas 10k race is off after four inches of snow fell on Tuesday night.

The main road through the valley looks better than that though, ok to drive on but might still be a bit icy to run on but their parking field at the Sticklebarn pub is under several inches.

So still no free Christmas puddings. We had a cupboard full by this time last year. We'll have to go up anyway to see if the organiser needs any help with the ones he got. He reckons he’s eaten two of the race prizes so far. Only another 998 to go then.

I look for a replacement race. There’s a run at Walsall but its 10 miles. Not sure I’m in 10 mile shape.

I’d be happy just going up to the Lakes to chill out, have a weekend away and a beer or six. Just got to tempt L into it. There’s not an open water swim on this weekend is there? Brrrr.

Talking of Brrrr. Considering the depth of the snow I might need plan B. I've stumbled across a decent looking pub that does reasonably priced B&B. That might tempt her. They say they accept well behaved dogs. I had to email to check whether they’d take two badly behaved ones.

The Red Arrow bus detours to Stapleford on the way home to drop someone off. It is supposed to be a direct service with no stops. Don’t understand it all. She wasn’t even attractive.

I was going to praise the council because at first they excelled themselves. I logged a request with their bulky waste service to get Daughter’s old bed collected and they replied the very next day, giving a date for it, today. I was even more impressed as this was in the thick of the bad weather and I was surprised anyone was even in their office that day.

Needless to say it didn’t get collected today. The bed is still here. Why am I not surprised. Every time I use this service they fail to collect at the first time of asking. They tell me later that the service has been suspended due to the severe weather conditions. Misuse of the word ‘severe’. Which leaves them a bit stuffed for what words to use should things actually start to approach severe once winter arrives.

The dustmen made it, the milkman made it, even the postman made it... well eventually. We didn’t get any post again yesterday, so he’s probably gone for a lie down after that sudden splurge of activity.

Perhaps all the bulky waste staff are out driving the gritters and then they do have a valid excuse. Could have told me in advance though because last night L and I had to drag the damn thing down our narrow staircase. One of the draws fell out of it and clobbered me on the head. Ouch.

Tonight at squash, that bruise is joined by another one. This one squash ball shaped. It was a bit of a naff game as well. After breaking his racquet last week my opponent notices his spare one is cracked too and is worried whether it will last the game. I have no grip tape on mine and hence little grip. That’s my excuse anyway.

Then his car doesn’t make it to the pub. L says things happen in threes. At the moment they seem to be happening in more than threes. If she's referring solely to bumps on the head, I hope not, as I might be on my bike tomorrow. The roads seem to have well thawed.

At least they won’t grit tonight, I think to myself, seconds before a gritting lorry passes me in the opposite direction scattering salt all over my bonnet. I though they said they were short, it’s certainly not going to freeze tonight and shouldn't he be out collecting beds.

(Thursday 9th December)

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