Monday, December 13, 2010

A Poor Year For Cycling

With the temperatures apparently about to go negative again soon I take the opportunity of cycling into work. It may not be cold or snowy but it’s still not pleasant. It was misting heavily all the way in.

It was also very dark. L keeps threatening to get me some Christmas lights for my bike. Hmmm. I have in fact bought myself a new flashy front light. Where as my existing one is to see by, this one is intended to be seen with, but I can’t find anywhere to attach it. It won’t fit anywhere other than on my handlebars, where there’s no room.

It’s been a poor year for cycling. In 2007 I rode 4454 km, in 2008 - 4554 km, in 2009 - 4875 km but this year so far, only 3573 km. Not good. Although I have ran more but I don't have a log of that.

The ride home is also wet, proper rain this time, but still I head to the pool. I wave at L who is in the gym and then get a lane to myself. Perhaps the Nottingham students have finished as early as Son has.

I beat L home because she had headed straight from the gym to a wild Christmas party that is being thrown by her book club at the local library. It all happens around here. So I turn on the computer and continue my Christmas shopping.

About an hour later, I’ve finished it, the whole lot. I don’t think I’ve ever finished this early and I’ve done it all without going into a single shop. I usually end up visiting at least one real place because I leave it too late. Well I might have to suppliment things with the odd box of chocs but I can do that when I do our weekly shop at Sainsburys.

Of course there’s one almighty drawback... I’ve just got to hope everything arrives in time. It’s not going to snow again is it?

I’m so elated that I head into the living room where Daughter and the now returned L are, brandishing my triumphant credit card, which MD then attempts to eat. He’ll eat anything that dog.

(Tuesday 14th December)

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