Tuesday, February 2, 2010

Surveying The Damage

With the bike temporarily out of action, perhaps it’s a good job I planned to be in the car today anyway... or perhaps not. It takes over an hour to get to work in the car. Just too much traffic I think, which is why I hate driving to work. L runs to work and then rubs it in.

I was late going to Sainsbury’s today and whereas when I usually go, in the traditional lunchtime window of 12:30-13:30, you get a shop full of well dressed office workers when you go later this gives way to the tracksuit wearing fraternity. Who are out buying their weekly supplies of Stella and Doughnuts.

There are probably some pyjamas wearers in there as well, which is topical at the moment, but they probably inhabit a different aisle.

Thing is these people give sports clothing a bad name. I’m sure when I was a lad they didn’t even make tracksuits in XXXL? Those of us who do actually use these garments for what they were intended wouldn’t of course be seen dead out shopping in them. Perhaps shopping is what they regard as a workout.

This week must be my week for computer support. My father has contracted a computer virus. Well not him personally, although he has got a bit of a cough at the moment, but you know what I mean. So I drop round after dog training to survey the damage. The dogs are thrilled with this development, after a night out at training they now get to spend half an hour playing football with my father. I’m not sure who will sleep better tonight, him or them.

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