Sunday, February 28, 2010

The Reason I Didn't Win.

As I wake up this morning it becomes evident why I didn't win yesterday's race. Apart from the obvious reasons of insufficient talent and fitness. It appears that somebody kneecapped me half way round when I wasn’t looking. A tad unfair don’t you think? I can barely walk now.

So I have to skip my planned cycle and crawl to the bus stop. I don’t fancy operating a clutch in the car for an hour in heavy traffic without any legs. I hobble in to work to find that hardly anybody is in, so I can’t even impress folk with my new found disability.

L’s slotted back into things after our holiday more quickly than usual. Almost immediately life is back to normal and she’s loathing her computer once more. Her problems with the wonderfully obtuse Windows 7 continue, before our hols she was threatening to resign and go to work in Asda. Whereas life with MD has also picked up from where it left off and he’s back to yapping his way around the neighbourhood. L’s attempts to distract him with dog treats don’t seem to work when he devours the treat and her finger, briefly choking on it (the treat that is, not L’s finger) in his rush to carry on regardless with his yapping.

Rather worrying is that yesterday an avalanche swept two skiers 2,000ft down the mountain at Glencoe ski area. What’s most worrying is that although they had gone off piste they had only done so by 10ft, that’s not very far. We were up there ourselves on Friday. Thankfully they’re ok apart from a fractured leg for one and a knee injury for the other.

I get home and follow the example of A level students everywhere. MD and I attempt to cram the homework, that we’ve had for two weeks, into the two hours before dog class this evening. Well we have been on holiday and I couldn’t fit MD’s cage in the car, so I kind of have an excuse but I don’t think we get away with it. At one stage we were made to train in the equivalence of the dunce’s corner until we got it right.

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