Monday, February 15, 2010

Not Rocket Science

There’s a match again tonight, that’s two Tuesday’s on the trot. I can’t recall that happening before, ever. So again and I take the car to my parents place and run in from there with the added bonus this time that they let me run the short route down Raynesway this time.

Then I do the whole thing in reverse again after work, although according to the latest Kilomathon newsletter, worryingly entitled ‘3 weeks to go’ I needn’t have bothered. They reckon at this stage of the proceedings, ‘mental preparation may be more beneficial than physical preparation, as most of the hard work should be done by this point’. Which planet is that they’re emailing from?

So I take them on trust, mental limbering up for the run back. This involves pondering which route to go and whether to risk listening to Mika or not. It would be a waste of several weeks of training if I inadvertently hurled myself in front of a passing car part way through ‘Big Girl (You Are Beautiful).

Freaky things occurring as regards Derby County at the moment. Tonight they score five, although the three they concede hint at the fact that the holes in that defence are far from fixed yet. The make up of the rest of the team is looking up though. Although team management is hardly rocket science. If you pick your best strikers (Rob Hulse and Kris Commons) rather than leave them on the bench, then they have a better chance of scoring and your midfield has a better chance of performing if you put your best central midfield player (Paul Green) in central midfield rather than on the wing where he looks lost. As I said, not rocket science.

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