Thursday, February 18, 2010

Off For Some Tranquillity

Drove in again today but the traffic was kind of weird. It was very quiet. I know its half term but today was almost like driving in over Christmas. Perhaps everyone’s snowed in or think they are.

Just a short entry today because I need a week off in order to get my head back together after the ‘out of body’ experience that was Mika last night. So I'm off to the tranquillity of Scotland for a week.

Should get some skiing in, they’ve had a foot and a half of snow at both Nevis Range and Glencoe ski areas this week with more on the way. It’ll just be our luck to not be able to physically get up there due to too much of the white stuff.

First we have another gig tonight. Los Campesinos! at The Musician in Leicester. A review will follow when I get back.

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