Sunday, February 14, 2010

Strange Noises

My cycle in is better than I expected, mainly because my annoying clicking noise seems to have gone and without me even doing anything constructive to get rid of it. I hate annoying noises like that. So I’d hate to be in L’s shoes at the moment or, to be more precise, her socks. That is the new waterproof one’s she bought which seem to be made of knitted plastic and crackle when she moves. That would annoy me. I don’t need any more strange noises whilst I’m cycling.

Every day you cross paths with at least one driver who is obviously blind and today is no exception. I work on the principal that it’s safer to have a driver irritated by you than unaware of your existence. So I’m stood right in front of this guy at the lights but still he doesn’t appear to see me and tries to drive straight through me. Perhaps he’s just having a bad day.

L’s having a bad day. She been trying to get a visa out of the Chinese Embassy for her boss but they’re closed for several days as its Chinese New Year. So it’s not just city councils who take extended holiday in such circumstances. She’s well stressed out and is considering going home and drowning herself in chocolate. Sounds like that under no circumstances should she go home but I have faith that she’s strong enough to resist such things. Oops. Too late. She’s OD-ed over lunch.

She’s off out tonight and now probably won’t be AF or PF (pudding-free) and CF is already out of the window. Meanwhile I’m at dog class with MD. I have a month to teach him the rest of the obstacles he needs before his next show, which will be a step up from Saturday’s one.

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