Friday, January 1, 2010

What Does It All Mean?

It starts snowing quite heavily on the park this morning but later it turns to rain. All of which puts paid to any aspirations of repeating the long cycle ride that I did last week.

Instead, shock horror, I venture down to the sales. Not that anything I ever want is in the sale and this year is no exception. I do yet a cover for my new phone though but couldn't get the walking boots I wanted.

The best day of the football season, the FA Cup 3rd Round is pretty much shock free, unless you regard Derby not losing at Millwall as a shock. It shocked me. So I have a replay to go to a week on Tuesday.

Then due to the weather curtailing any serious outdoor exercise I visit the gym with L. 6k bike, 1k row, a few weights but then only enough time for a 1 mile run as we rush out, coffees in hand, to catch the bus to Derby to replenish lost fluids.

The best thing about the gym session was my new gadget, my new Heart Rate Monitor toy. Which to my utter amazement, the councils gym equipment manages to pick up seamlessly and display my heart rate on their screens. Wow. This moment is worth savouring because it is the one and only time I’ve been impressed in a council gym.

My gadget tells me 'my zone' is 120-141 bpm or something like that but the bike takes it up to 161. The run surprisingly tops this and it goes up to 170. Which seems high but I have a bit in hand, as my limit is 178. I assume this the point at which your body gives out. It’s calculated as 220 minus your age (226 for women).

What does it all mean? I have no idea, I need to Google it.

I continue to mull it all over, with a few beers in my hand, in Derby’s now rather wonderful, Silk Mill.

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