Sunday, January 17, 2010

His Backwards Walk

It’s been a good weekend but all good weekends have to come to an end. We get up early, at pretty much the same time as on a normal work day, pack up and head south from the Lakes. We manage to get home in time for Daughter to print off all her weekend masterpieces, do one of her paper rounds and get to college to hand in the work for 1pm.

Our friends say they had a good weekend too, although perhaps much beer and food was consumed. Well there was an easy remedy for that; they could have joined us for our run.

As I’ve got the rest of the day off work, I’ve also taken the opportunity to get yet another repair man to try to figure out what is wrong with our boiler, which continues to insist on turning itself off and has done for well over a year now. Rather inconveniently the colder it is, the more it likes to turn itself off. Mind you with the price of gas, this has at least succeeded in keeping our heating bills down a touch.

The company who installed it couldn’t stop it doing it, so now it’s the turn of British Gas. The chap who comes claims to know what the problem is. He tells me that basically we’ve bought a duff make of boiler and they always do this sort of thing. He says he’ll come back on Friday and fit an external pressure value to it, which will put an end to its fun. He sounds confident in his ability. I’m not.

Daughter now informs us that her assignments didn't need to be in today after all. So procuring her a laptop was a waste of time then, or perhaps not. At least she’s got the work done, she probably wouldn’t have done had we been at home. She would have been out partying instead and then she would have had to have written another essay about it.

MD has another good session at his training and now for his homework I have to teach him to walk backwards on command. This won’t be easy, as I’ve spent the last eighteen months trying to get him to walk forwards. Well at least forwards in something approaching a straight line.

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