Thursday, January 7, 2010

Positively Terrifying

I got the bus in today and develop a technique for gliding over the icy surface as I walk at each end of my journey. Apparently it was the coldest night of the winter so far with temperatures well down in the minus figures. I get into work really early as there seems to be very little traffic on the roads. Think all the usual suspects must still be skiving.

A colleague rides in on his MTB. I’d like to say he was a smug b****** after doing so but he actually looked a bit frazzled by the whole experience.

L recommends the video for Big Pink’s Dominoes. Saying I'd love the girl drummer's long boots and thighs. I will check it out. Now. A bit disappointing to be honest but probably mainly because the drum kit is in the way.

I get home from work and everyone is on their way out. This isn’t a problem as it allows L and me to get up to whatever we like. Well, whatever the dogs will allow us to get up to.

Later on we head down the local, which is kind of a mistake as I’d forgotten that Forest were live on TV tonight, playing away at West Bromwich. We hide in a corner and try to keep ourselves to ourselves but I can’t help watching some of the game. I have to say that Forest looked positively terrifying as they surged into a 3-0 lead by midway through the second half. The game finishes 3-1 and they hop over West Bromwich into second in the table. I’m afraid to say they look pretty awesome and unhappily we have to play them in a few weeks time.

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