Tuesday, January 19, 2010

Mr Pothole Claims A Victim

It takes over an hour to get to work by car but I just couldn’t physically have biked and made it to class tonight. So I just have grin and bear it and start a new audio book.

Perhaps I had a lucky escape because today Mr Pothole claims a victim. A work colleague gets a puncture on his road bike. Unfortunately he’s about half way between work and home, and has neither a spare tube nor a repair kit with him. Not that either would be much use without tyre levers and a pump, which he also doesn’t have. These people who are used to riding MTB’s and therefore not used to getting punctures.

So does he walk the five miles in cycling shoes... He makes it as far as Asda, where he buys a pair of training shoes to make it the rest of the way. I think carrying a repair kit would have been easier and cheaper.

I wasn’t even going to comment on the Brit Award nominations but then I notice I’m going to see one of the nominees. OMG. Bloody Mika. Then when you see who he’s up against for the award, I’d even be tempted to vote for him.

Later MD’s training goes well. Though he seems oddly subdued whilst waiting his turn. He then confounds everyone by refusing to leave the dog walk before emptying his bladder over it. So embarrassing.

Doggo had a fairly naff session afterwards. I just wanted to give him a run out but there wasn’t much room. So much for splitting the arena in two, the trainer nabbed around three quarters of it. We couldn’t even get much equipment out as our store room is so new we haven’t got any lights in there yet and we couldn’t see what we were doing.

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