Thursday, January 28, 2010

I Don't Like The Look Of That

I take the bus in to work. It’s big run day today and I’m planning on running 12 miles tonight. This is all training for the Kilomathon and I notice that they have now put up the route on the internet

and an elevation map.

Which I don't like the look of, at all. It’s uphill all the way. I suppose I should have known that but all my training has so far been, although along parts of the actual race route, in the opposite, eastbound direction, e.g. downhill.

So it’s all the more worrying that when I run the route after work, backwards and downhill, my pace is terribly slow. At this rate I won’t break two hours for the course and will struggle to make 2.20 but at least I seem to cope with the distance ok. My legs feel ok until I try and up the pace in the last few miles, making those last few miles not pleasant at all. Still I suppose with six weeks to go we’re still in base training territory. Speed can come (maybe) later.

I run 12.5 miles to the centre of Beeston where I meet L who has walked the dogs up and brought me a change of clothes. L threatens to be on the wine tonight, so heads off to raid the nearest cash machine for a wheelbarrow of money. The wine isn’t cheap at the Victoria. I have no such concerns, they have a beer festival on, so the beer choice should be good.

We don’t get a place inside the pub as it’s so busy and end up the huge tent thing they have in the garden there. It’s quite pleasant actually as they have big gas heaters keeping it warm. I sit under one as my body is now haemorrhaging heat at a rate of knots after my exertions. I’m even colder than L for once. Thankfully they have a nice spicy curry on their food menu for me to refuel with. Oh and the beer of course.

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