Saturday, January 23, 2010

Life Is Full Of Difficult Choices

More park and more football, during which a mate texts me to say that he’s been watching Glee Club, enjoyed it and is now seeking help. I consult a teenager, namely Daughter and L to find out just what exactly he’s on about. They show me some footage of horrid cover versions on YouTube. Though there’s no sign of the cheerleaders in mini-skirts that he mentioned.

I spend the afternoon trying to swap our computer out for one nicked from work, without the necessary drivers to get it on the internet. Temporarily admit defeat.

We all thought that Son’s new look, his stubble, was a fashion statement but actually it turns out that there’s a much simpler explanation. His shavers been on the blink but he just hasn’t mentioned it. L was even considering getting him a stubble shaver... Which I’d never heard of. Are there really stubble shavers? It couldn’t have been invented by a man. It would never get used. You’d still have to shave with a stubble shaver, so can’t see the point. Any sort of facial growth is because you can’t be bothered to shave. If this has unintended benefits then mores the better but can’t imagine anyone cultivating it.

In any case if you shave in the morning, then you’ve got stubble for the evening. Shave at night, and then you’ve got stubble for the morning. It just depends when you need to use it. That simple system works and it’s cheap.

Derby draw Birmingham in the FA 5th Round, at home. Damn, such is my lack of faith in them that I’d scheduled a dog show for that day. It’s supposed to be MD’s debut as well as Doggo’s only competitive appearance prior to a possible run at Crufts. What a dilemma.

How do I decide between more stupefying negativity from my football team ending in an almost certain defeat or being embarrassed by MD playing the fool on his agility debut? Life is full of difficult choices. Of course Derby might pull off a shock and win? MD might pull off a shock and not humiliate me? This needs to be decided in a logical and well thought out manner. Heads it’s the show, tails it’s the match...

Oh and the central heating has survived the weekend. Never doubted them.

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