Tuesday, January 12, 2010

Bolero With Dogs

As it rained almost all the way through extra time last night and as the thermometer currently reports that the temperature is above freezing, I didn’t expect it to be icy and I get ready to use the bike for the first time this year.

Then L staggers back through the door after doing an impromptu performance of Bolero with dogs around the estate to advise otherwise. Undeterred I venture outside to see what the main roads are like. Unfortunately it’s impossible to walk to the main road in cycling shoes to find out. So I abort, change into running kit and speed skate down to the bus. If the ice melts during the day it should give me the opportunity to run home.

The bus is ten minutes late because the A52 is gridlocked, which once we’re on the A52 and back into the gridlock makes us even later. So I end up running from Derby city centre to work to make up lost time. Oddly in Nottingham we had ice and drizzle, but in Derby we have snow and better conditions to run in. It’s even snowing as I arrive at work. So perhaps not cycling was the correct choice, although there are plenty of bikes about.

It snows all morning and we soon have a nice covering. Then I get the first text of the day about MD’s training tonight, the start has been delayed until 7.30 but at least it hasn’t been cancelled.

Later though, despite the snow turning to rain, it is cancelled. All the main roads are totally free of snow and ice which makes it all the more annoying. In fact I’m seething. I had planned to do a short 5 mile run tonight before heading off to training but now I run off my anger by running nine miles, so at least I can thank the club for that.

I would possibly have gone further and maybe even ran all the way home had there not been a long stretch with no street lighting. The ground is very runnable, most of the snow we’ve had has already melted, what remains is mainly soft slush.

I mistimed my rendezvous with the R4 bus, which cheats, deciding not to take its usual detour through the side streets and therefore easily beating me to the bus stop. So I have to wait for the next one to come.

Feel pretty smug though, once I get home. That’s 19 miles in two days, despite the weather. Not bad.

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