Friday, October 29, 2010

A Well Earned Winter Break

A rare Saturday lie in. We have no dog shows for a while. A well earned winter break for the boys and they have no problems sleeping in this morning.

Things are still kind of surreal at Derby County. After a defeat last week they are back to convincing winning ways again. A 4-1 win over Watford today at Pride Park.

In the evening we are kind of forced to go out to the pub but admittedly it doesn’t take much coercion. We could really have done with a low alcohol night before our race tomorrow but Daughter had requested whether she could have a few friends around to celebrate Halloween and basically we weren’t invited.

The best thing about her having a bash is that it’s compelled her to tidy her room and we’ve binned a ton of stuff. She now has a room with a floor that you can actually see and even walk on. I’d forgotten what colour her bedroom carpet was.

We decamp to the Plough, for just a few.

(Saturday 30th October)

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