Monday, October 25, 2010

Damp, Miserable And Dark

On the bike. It’s damp, miserable and dark. Though not as cold as yesterday. There is a rumour that the powers that be are considering stopping putting the clocks back in winter. Though this would mean that Greenwich would never be on Greenwich Meantime. Which is just wrong.

It even appears to be a popular idea. Not with me. It’s dark on the bike in the mornings at the moment but when the clocks go back this weekend, I'll have some light back for cycling to work. If they didn't go back, I'd ending up going to work in the dark and coming home again in the dark as well. Great. It would be like living in Greenland but only without the benefit of the snow.

In honour of it being damp, miserable and dark, I make my first trip along the winter route to work.

After I didn’t the honours yesterday, L, is back on dog duty and the daily 'bark on the park'. Although she’s got the day off, the weather is foul and presumably wishes to delay it for as long as possible. Yet MD will be gagging for his breakfast, which as usual I have measured out and placed in the front room behind the closed door, ready for their consumption after the park. Out of sight but not out of mind. This morning, with the park delayed, MD attempts to burrow under the door to get to it. We do starve that dog.

L’s is in one of her ‘enthused’ moods and still on a high after Sunday’s half marathon. She keeps asking me about doing Reading. I use all the delaying tactics I can think of in case her enthused mood runs out this week. She may be on a high now but come March I’ll have to coerce her all the way down to Reading. With her ‘on the day’ nerves and last minute doubts it can be hard enough getting her to the local park for a race, let alone the two hours down to Reading.

Daughter tells me we’re doing university applications tonight. Hers not mine, unfortunately. First though I go for a swim, which is very pleasant. Scenic. Some very nice swimsuits. Nice lines and colours. Swim’s ok too.

Well Daughter’s five university choices have been selected and we didn’t even resort to the pin and blindfold approach. Now all we need is a personal statement but that’s for another night.

(Tuesday 26th October)

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