Sunday, October 3, 2010

Interesting Feet

L and I have been intrigued, as well as baffled, by the saga of the Humberside feet. Two feet have been found recently near the Humber estuary but they are not from the same person. Which is a bit odd, suspicious even. A right foot belonging to a man from South Yorkshire was found on a beach in Cleethorpes beach on 11th August but his left foot was found a month later near an island off the coast of the Netherlands. I’m intrigued to how they identified them.

Another foot, which was found on 4th September near Barton-on-Humber, was found to belong to a different man who was from Lincolnshire. How did they know? Did he report it missing? It’s all very suspicious if you ask me.

However Humberside Police, when asked about these finds, say there were no suspicious circumstances. Erm. Are they sure?

Tonight, the boys and I are training, whilst L is off running with friends and I pick her up later from the pub. Runs always finish at pubs, it’s unavoidable.

(Monday 4th October)

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