Saturday, October 2, 2010

The Boys Go Head To Head

I get up early this morning, really early, like 5am early, and head up to Preston for the Interclub agility match, 12 clubs from the region going head-to-head. I car share and have female company on the way up but she’s 63, so I think I got away with it. She can talk for England... Which keeps me awake, alive and actually makes the journey seem quicker, despite the horrible weather on the motorway.

The nature of the event is that all the dogs compete over the same courses against each other for their team, whilst also being ranked individually in their grades. This means I can actually compare Doggo and MD for speed. The result is 3-1 to the old timer. Mainly because MD messes around, gets a few refusals and brings down the odd pole. On the one course where he gets everything right he is two seconds faster than Doggo and that gets him 6th in his grade. Surprisingly Doggo is three seconds quicker on another course that MD nearly got round, only missing the last jump. I thought it would have been closer than that but it just goes to show that there’s life in the old dog yet. Perhaps it’s the diet I have him on.

In fact he’s Mr Perfect at times today, even stopping on his contacts. Well until his last run but we get away with it and score valuable points for the team. Our team comes third which isn’t bad but we’ve become accustomed to winning this event, we’ve won three out of the last five.

As regards my success with Doggo’s diet, L suggests that I mention how much weight I got off him on my CV for when I take up Personal Training. She says it would get me floods of female customers, albeit probably overweight ones, as long as I don’t mention that he's a dog.

I’m sure the technique is transferable. Keep the clients locked in the house during the day, on a lead when away from the house, except when chasing a ball on the park of course, only allowing them the meals I feed them myself and if they’re good they get to sleep at the bottom of my bed. Simple. I should write a book on it, it would outsell the Atkins Diet. As long as I don't have problems with the Human Rights Act though.

Rumour has it that Son had an awesome time last night, so he obviously isn’t missing us or Nottingham too much. It certainly doesn’t sound as if he was Billy No Mates in his room.

(Sunday 3rd October)

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