Wednesday, October 27, 2010

Naughty But Nice

I don’t manage to get out of bed in time to run or cycle but a day off will do me good and it is squash tonight.

I carbo-load down the pub over lunch... Milestone Raspberry Stout. Very very nice. I kind of forget we have to get back to the office for the afternoon or that I have a match tonight and have two pints. Naughty but nice. I’ll be kipping at my desk this afternoon.

Oh and we had game pie, though neither my colleague nor I could decide what type of game it was and the chef didn’t know... hmmm, worrying. Very nice though.

L’s still very keen on Reading. I delay a decision until after the Raspberry Stout has worn off but I suppose it’ll have to be done at some point. If not this year, some time in the future. It’s not that far really. 142 miles. It’s a 10am start. So if we aim for 8.30, means we leave around 6.30 or a bit before. It’s not even as early as a dog show.

My squash opponent is getting desperate to win his 100th game of the year and I know he’s getting close but he won’t tell me how close. He doesn’t make it tonight and I do take one off him but he’s been very cagey about whether he has a chance of making the magic number next week. Perhaps I’ll inexplicably call off next week's game. He would, if the situation was reversed.

(Thursday 28th October)

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