Friday, October 15, 2010

Getting Back On The Horse

There’s that rarity this morning of a weekend lie-in. Then a pleasant-ish stroll on the park with the dogs. MD sets the tone early, or should that be lowers the tone, by loudly chasing a squirrel up its tree as soon as we arrive. He seems smug with himself but is too busy being smug to notice another squirrel stranded in no man’s land on the field, tying to get back to the tree MD is now guarding. The squirrel seems to shrug off this inconvenience as it hops into the nearby bushes and I’m sure it brazenly waved at him as it did so.

On the way back, Doggo stops for takeaway pizza. Discarded by someone last night I assume. Hope it wasn't a Mexican or else it’ll be disagreeing with him later. Then again, it might make him run faster tomorrow.

Derby win again and it’s 3-0 again. Somebody pinch me. Even their crosses from the wing are going in now. Yes Mr Moxey it was a cross not a shot but I’m sure you wouldn’t claim anything else.

Despite yesterday L declaring that a ‘new me starts today’, she said she was never drinking ever again, we head into town. They do say ‘You have to get back on the horse that threw you’ as soon as possible. With our freshly recovered alcohol legs, we head off to Broadway for food and then to the Ropewalk for a few drinks.

I’ve only just discovered the Ropewalk website which makes an interesting read. Among other things it boasts of its ‘Well fit staff. So if you fancy just sitting there with a pint ogling us that’s fine, just remember ‘tippers make better lovers!’’. Now there’s an interesting marketing approach. Don’t mind if I do.

(Saturday 16th October)

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