Thursday, October 14, 2010

Waiting Around The Corner

I get the bus in, as I have a long run pencilled in for later but this is currently on constant review, after last night’s rather enjoyable evening at the Nottingham Beer Festival. The beers were very good or perhaps it was just my clever selections.

The hangover’s there but it’s not all encompassing. The main problem is the curry I had, one of those dishes was really spicy and my insides are reliving it this morning. It needs to be ‘despatched’ a.s.a.p.

L looks worse than me though and she had three drinks less. I advise her that getting up would make her hangover seem better. She advises me a little later, after she’d crawled in to work and soothed her battered liver with a cup of tea, that I was wrong and it didn’t.

Before I start my run home, I enrol L and myself in the Birmingham 10k, which is in a few weeks time. She did want to enter herself because she was worried about what start time I’d put down for her. That’s a good point. I tell her to leave it to me.

Just before 5pm, the weather report is emailed across to me from Nottingham. It’s raining. Naturally. It isn’t here yet but I’m sure it’ll be waiting around the corner for me. It was. So the run is a bit on the damp side. I do nearly eleven miles and then drip dry on the Indigo bus.

In the interests of common sense and liver redemption. We stay in tonight and recalibrate our alcohol units.

(Friday 15th October)

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