Tuesday, October 19, 2010

Short Measures

L’s had the morning off and has been running, we’ll call it extra training on the sly shall we, under cover of the excuse of meeting her parents for coffee. She says Sunday’s Birmingham Half isn’t her focus, 10k’s are her focus, but she’s certainly put some work in for it.

We’ll all do good times if they repeat the mistake that they made in Cardiff, where the course was short by 193 metres. So there was no excuse for not doing a PB there then. It’s not much, 193 metres, but it could be enough. Could you live with yourself afterwards though? Yep. Probably.

Puppy watch. L points out that I neglected to tell her about Monday’s puppy. It just slipped my mind. There’s nearly always a puppy at training but this was a particularly cute one. It wasn’t a collie though, some little dog of unknown breed because I’m hopeless at these things. It was about as big a chocolate bar but with legs and obviously very sharp teeth. I suppose I should have got a photo for her really. It’s not there tonight though.

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