Saturday, July 31, 2010

A Good Thing

On the way back to the show, I drop in on the Thunder Run. Plenty of people are not thundering around the course this morning, in fact quite a lot are walking.

Back at the show, Doggo has some nice runs and a few clear rounds today but still no rosettes. MD does ok too, runs well but frustratingly he always seem to get a pole or miss a weave of something. Also he seems to be getting more confident and getting faster which is creating more problems for me but in the long run, this is fundamentally a good thing. L says that if I have to work on my speed, she has just the training plan, that’ll be mine then!

Daughter has departed for a five day stint in a camping barn somewhere up in the Peak District. The Rave Shack she calls it. Problem is, knowing her friends, being in each other’s pockets for almost a week, they could be at each other throats... there could be murder but hopefully not.

(Sunday 1st August)

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