Wednesday, July 7, 2010

Bewildered, Confused and Shattered

I should have mentioned yesterday that I was party to an interesting discussion last night on the way home from dog training, having picked L and Daughter up on the way. They were discussing surviving the Leeds Festival, with particular regard to the toilet facilities. There followed a debate on weeing into a tomato ketchup bottle. L claims it's not possible, Daughter claims it is. Daughter seemed all up for a head to head challenge. In the garden I tell her, this could get messy.

Thankfully I don't think it happened. Unless they staged it under cover of night. If any results come to light I'll let you know.

L’s been trying to persuade one of us, Daughter or I to go see ‘Elliott’ with her. That’s Mr Example to you or I. Neither of us are, shall we say, over enthusiastic. I suggest we flip a coin to decide it. Well anything method really that doesn’t involve a sauce bottle.

Though I’m happy to do the honourable thing here, and I have got form in this department. I’ve done Mika and lived to tell the tale.

L’s not had the best of days all round actually. She reported a minor cat problem this morning, which is probably underplaying it by a very wide margin. Nothing is ever minor with MD. I’m sure she meant a major cat problem. Yep. She says she’s beginning to hate all cats. She’s beginning to sound like MD.

Then later she reports feeling totally bewildered, confused and shattered at work, brought on by boss fatigue. Had to include that, just for the great title.

Her email though spooked me out a bit, as it illuminated my computer screen just as I was breaking the seal on the box of biscuits that she asked me to take into custody. Oops caught! It was if she was watching me...

Her solution for bewildered, confused and shattered is of course a glass of wine or two. It’s a good job I have the biscuits.

The wine is unnecessary in the end as there's Salem Porter on in the Globe, where she joins me after squash. Ah yes squash, it’s good to be back playing after a few weeks off. I even booked the hot weather especially to try and make it more challenging for my opponent. How did it go? Well, lets just say... I’m bewildered, confused and shattered.

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