Tuesday, July 20, 2010

Starting On The Sky

Took the plunge this morning and started The Girl With The Dragon Tattoo Book Two 'The Girl Who Played With Fire' this morning. All 23 hours of it. L says the first 16 hours are a bit slow but the rest is fab. This didn’t really encourage me to start it. She described it as a bloody infuriating jigsaw. You spend hours doing the sky, but the rest is quite good. So I've started on the sky, though actually I don’t find the first few chapters too bad at all.

Apparently Amazon.co.uk have launched an online grocery store. Whatever next. Amazon hate me though, whatever I order is always out of stock. I can just see it. Tomatoes? Sorry, out of stock. Bananas? Sorry, out of stock. It would be a nightmare.

Training is good for both the boys tonight. So it’s looking good for the weekend. Famous last words...

(Wednesday 21st July)

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