Wednesday, July 21, 2010

Mad With Anticipation

I’ve been trying to get a bit of weight off both the dogs, so have taken over all their feeding. L is a bit too generous with them but you know how women and food are. I’ve cut them down and it’s been phenomenally successful with Doggo but not so much so with MD.

Problem is I often have to measure their food out before L’s taken them for their morning walk, which drives MD mad with anticipation. Then when he goes out on his walk he powers round to get back for his breakie.

For once I have amazing luck with the weather. I cycle to work, in the dry. Then we manage to walk to the pub for lunch, in the dry. Then as soon as I sit back down at my desk, the heavens open and it chucks it down. However by the time I come to cycle home, its glorious sunshine again.

My squash opponent says he feels like cr*p. This sounds promising. I think he’s hinting we should cancel but I think we should play. He stresses he’s in grave danger of falling asleep in the middle of a rally. This, really, is fine. I can wake him up every few points... but he wasn’t having it. So squash is off. It looks like I’m doing the gym instead.

I get home and upset the dogs by going straight back out to the gym, where I do a swift 5k on the bike, trying out the training plan I gave L and keeping the power rating at what I asked her to do, which is over 140 watts. Level 9 at about 70rpm seems to work best. I even listen to some of my new book.

My gym trip was just to get my monthly visit logged, so I don't loiter long before heading back home. Then finally the dogs are relieved to get a park session, in the dry.

L says I'll need a nice glass of wine after all that. Yep. Or two. Or three.

(Thursday 22nd July)

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