Saturday, July 17, 2010

There For The Taking

We’re in Rugby for a dog show, even L comes to support. I look enviously at the Crufts team event. We couldn’t raise a team. Well we could but the infighting and lack of the availability of good dogs meant we decided not to bother in the end. Thing is some of the dogs we thought couldn’t do the job have since gone on to have storming results.

The winners of the team event do so with only three out of four dogs going clear. So it was there for the taking really.

We start out individual runs and Doggo promptly gets eliminated. MD starts well but has a pole down and demolishes the long jump. Things get better, as Doggo does well on the jumping course but on the Olympia qualifier... well, let’s just say we won’t be going.

MD though is having a good day. Although we get nothing on a jumping course that I thought would suit him, he then turns in a surprise clear on the agility course and gets 15th. This is in a class where he was competing against 175 other dogs including dogs up to grade 4, which is a level higher than where he is, and it was agility, which meant he had to hit all his contacts. Well pleased.

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