Tuesday, March 23, 2010

The Unmentionable

Tonight L and I partake in a spot of the unmentionable. Well it’s unmentionable for L anyway and I give her a lesson in the black art of changing a tyre, just in case she gets a puncture during the Cat on Sunday. Well it’s not a black art really, well not for men, who seem to instinctively know how to do it.

At dog training tonight they switch the trainers on us, which isn’t really very good form. I’ve paid for a particular trainer who I get on with and who has trained MD since he was a young pup. So I’m not best pleased when we get someone else. I’m not the only one miffed about it either. There doesn’t even appear to be any reason for it, our normal trainer is there training her own dog on the other side of the arena. Apparently they’ve had a disagreement... err... so what? That’s not very professional.

That said MD was actually rather good. He only had a few poles down, his weaves were excellent and even his tunnels were good. I had got him pencilled in for extra tunnel practice but he seems to have less of a phobia about them tonight. Ok, so his contacts weren’t that good... but you can’t have everything.

L’s still wrestling with her tyre when I get home, the fact it hasn’t been taken off for years clearly doesn’t help. She’s not happy but the wine rack is untouched, so the situation has not reached critical yet. I hope I offer helpful advice and we get it sorted. I’m sure that should the unmentionable happen, she’ll have plenty of assistance on hand, what with being a girl. Should it happen to me, I’ll be on my own with only other chaps yelling ‘good luck mate’ at me and my upturned bike, as they whizz past at 30mph.

It’s the first day of the Track Cycling World Championships from Copenhagen today. At last something to watch on TV.

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