Thursday, March 11, 2010

Laying It On A Bit Thick

When I left for work MD was still struggling with the broken claw on his paw but it did look a lot better. By the time the dogs returned from their morning walk with L it seemed to have dropped off completely. We had booked him into the vets this evening but now he seems fine. Well, he’s still playing on it, trying to lay it on a bit thick but that’s MD for you. So we cancel the vet, don’t want to waste his time and well £30 of our money.

At work, its ages before I can get any work done because everybody wants to talk about Crufts. They all watched practically the whole competition. Doggo now has even more adoring fans than he did before, they all comment on how he didn't put a paw wrong... well I didn’t put a paw wrong either but nobody mentions that!

There’s a strange sight in our car park this afternoon, a woman from the office opposite appears to be cleaning her car by discharging a fire extinguisher over it... very odd and by the look of things, not terribly effective.

Going to half to be AF tomorrow, pre-Killermathon, so best make it a good session tonight.

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