Tuesday, March 16, 2010

Blowing The Cobwebs Off

L did 25 minutes on the bike at the gym this morning. I’m not sure if her comment ‘Whooppee do’ means she’s pleased with that or not but its 25 minutes more than I’ve spent on a bike recently. In hope to rectify this by cycling into work tomorrow.

This morning though I decide to blow the cobwebs off the antique legs by doing a steady five files from Borrowash into work. By steady, I mean the plan was to walk bits of it, if necessary, as I did after the knee wrecking experience that was the Sleaford Half-Marathon a few weeks ago. The aim being to loosen the legs up before the weekend’s pudding plod over the Lakeland fells. It went better than that though and I ended up running it all.

After work it’s the regular-ish meet up with a couple of old school friends. We have a beer or two in one of the Wetherspoon’s houses in Derby. This one helpfully grades it’s beers from A to D, where A is the palest and D the darkest. It works a bit like your women. Avoid the A cup’s, settle for a B, revel in the C’s and if you’re brave go for a D. Regrettably no D’s or even C’s tonight. Gutted. There is though, a G on the menu. This is either incredibly dark or it’s a wind up. Applying the women’s rule, you wouldn’t go there. It is a wind up, of sorts. As its St Patricks Day this one is apparently green in colour but as it turns out, not very. We have a taster but leave it at that.

After that, we go next door to the Chinese buffet, which is as usual a bit of a mistake. We eat far too much and it wasn’t actually that good. Probably the first plate was enough but you just can’t stop yourself.

I never thought I’d have anything to thank the Sophie Kinsella for but L’s become a bit of a fan of her books. Can’t complain, I liked the Sophie effect last night. L muttered something about raspberry bushes. Nice inspiration. I’ll be checking out Sophie’s box sets for L’s birthday present.

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