Monday, March 29, 2010

Permission To Kick

L admits that ‘it wrenches to say it but perhaps I do need kicking out of bed early... oh dear, what am I saying?’ indeed. What is she saying? That sounds like permission to kick to me... but I haven’t the heart to do it this morning. Well not as I’m in no hurry myself as I’m taking the car to work today. If I had to get up early to run or something then I’d have had no such qualms.

Almost a pleasant drive to work as well, probably because its school holidays in Nottingham, although not yet in Derby.

Tonight, the first of a new series of training sessions for MD but hopefully I’ll be able to train them both. Details are sketchy though, so I’m taking nothing for granted given my club’s powers of organisation or lack of them.

When I get there I realise that there’s one crucial thing that they’ve forgotten to tell me. This venue doesn’t have a roof, it doesn’t even have sides, in fact it’s open air, on a hill and it’s been raining all day. Thankfully the rain largely holds off and it’s a good session. After which I am made to sign an oath in blood that I will train ‘whatever the weather’ to guarantee the trainers fee. I may live to regret that.

One thing that’s a first tonight is that the dogs get to see each other run for the first time. Usually one of them is in the car whilst the other is doing their stuff. Tonight there is room to tether them up by the training ground.

Doggo’s immediate reaction appears to be ‘hang on. What’s he up to? That’s my sport’ and he don’t seem too happy about it. Perhaps it might spur him on a bit and I might get another couple of years out of him if he doesn’t like MD stepping into his shoes.

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