Thursday, March 25, 2010

Too Busy Keeping Fit

My Kilomathon antics have definitely shamed my colleague at work into action. He’s been cycling into work pretty much every day since, come rain or come shine, well just come rain actually.

He also seems quite pleased with the Nottingham Grand Prix form I gave him. All of which means, that should he do it, I’ll have to start taking it seriously again. No more biking to the races like I did last year.

I meet L at the gym straight after work. Not that I particularly want to or even need to go to the gym. In fact resting the legs before Sunday’s 100 mile bike ride may have been the better idea. Actually in one way I do need to do, because of the council’s bribe scheme. Under the ‘Change 4 Life’ programme, which is supposed to encourage people to get fit, they decided that if you went to the gym once a month for a whole year they’d give you £50 but I’ve been too busy this month keeping fit to go. Still I don’t see any reason as to why I should let them keep hold of their money, hence tonight’s visit.

This incentive is wasted on me obviously, and it would be interesting to see if it has attracted any new gym recruits at all or whether it’s just people like me relieving the council of their cash.

I do a steady 15km on the exercise bike before we retire to the Plough to start topping up with fluids. Which are so vital for a good event.

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