Wednesday, March 31, 2010

Out Of Season

There’s a bit of a commotion outside as I get ready for work this morning. L has only just taken MD out seconds earlier; surely he can’t be in trouble already... Suddenly he is hauled back through the front door in disgrace. In his defence I would say that it was the fault of a particular Jack Russell that had attacked him recently and had chosen that precise moment to walk down our street. So hardly surprising MD was gunning for him. If he’s entitled to gun for anyone, it must be that Jack Russell.

A disappointing pub lunch. Standards aren’t what they used to be. Cold pasta. Yum. Should have complained really but we were in a rush.

Squash. I’m back on a roll and get my one game. It really should have been two. The post-game is good too. Free chip butties in the pub and 6.4% ale on the bar. A sort of Christmas cake and rum sauce flavour. A bit out of season perhaps but very nice. Unfortunately I only get to sip L’s, as I’m driving.

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