Wednesday, June 30, 2010

All For A T-Shirt

Tonight it's the final leg of the Nottingham Grand Prix Races, it’s the Colwick 5 miler but more importantly we get to find out what colour this year’s t-shirt is. Yep, we're doing all this for a t-shirt.

This has always been my least favourite of the four races. There's just sometimes about five miles that is so wrong. I can't abide the Long Eaton 5 Mile Race either.

I look back over my previous three attempts at this race and see that 2007 was by far my fastest effort. 32:12. That's 6:26 per mile which sounds awesomely fast to me. Oh well, lets give it a go.

I have a slow start when a chap stumbles and falls in front of me and I stop to help him up. Despite that interruption...

First mile 6:17. Not bad.

Second mile 6:26. Starting to fade.

Third mile 6:25. Hanging in there.

I attempt to put on a spurt to catch up two chaps just ahead of me who seem to be going at a good sort of pace, thinking they might pull me along. I reach them and..

Fourth mile 6:06. Wow.

Although as I recall mile four usually seems a touch short here. One of the two chaps drops away but I stay with the other guy, letting him do all the pace setting. Sorry mate. I lose touch with him in the last quarter of a mile but I think he's served his purpose.

Last mile 6:30. That'll do nicely.

Total time 31:45. Wow. Almost 30 seconds off. Result.

Somehow that phenomenal run only makes me 36th. My worst placing of the series. Is there no justice. Oh well. More importantly the t-shirt is great. White and a dryflo one. Excellent.

It's been a good series, I have set PB's in three of the four races. I was 23rd overall after the first three, I will await my final placing with interest.

I’m disappearing off for a few days now. Armed with the tent, the dogs, my posh bike and the beer guide. Should be heaven. Oh yes and I'm taking L as well. Wouldn’t be the same without her.

So blog on hold for a bit.

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