Sunday, June 20, 2010

Faint At The Thought

I take the boys out this morning whilst L goes off for a swim. My legs don’t feel too bad after all that pedalling yesterday but still I think I hold the boys back.

L again swims 1.5K. I feel faint at the thought. I think this morning I would have just sunk. Which may have been because of my exertions yesterday, or possibly from the weight of all the flapjacks and cakes I ate.

I’m so glad we have an easy week. Just two midweek running races and another bike ride at the weekend...

L brags about the two lie-ins she’s looking forward to at the weekend. She’s not doing this weekend’s bike ride and says instead she’ll be curled up in bed with the dogs, thinking of me. Hmmm, I’ll be tucking into my chocolate coated shortbread and thinking of her.

I look at the photos from yesterday, L is smiling on both the before and after photos. How odd. She never normally smiles before any event, let alone a bike ride.

My dentist, who is usually so punctual, is running forty minutes late tonight, which makes me late for dog training. Might be for the best as it’s still rather hot. I train both MD and Doggo. Doggo has been taking liberties since I cut his training back. Not any more mate.

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