Tuesday, June 1, 2010

Can’t Say Fairer Than That

L’s now done the second part of the workout I devised her, the cycling part and she did it to Friendly Fires... which couldn’t have helped. Suppose whatever works for her.

I also asked her what her cadence was but I think she was too busy to notice. I’ll send her with a pen and paper next time, so that she can takes notes.

I’ve ever offered to get her a special t-shirt made if she breaks 40 minutes for 10k or beats me. Can’t say fairer than that! As long as it’s on the road and not in a lake. I don’t do lakes.

The details for the September Crufts qualifier have been announced and the arguments have already started but it seems there might be some enthusiasm within the club for raising a team. I will look forward to the handbag fight at training tonight. L suggests I take them all on a team bonding session, for a jog! That might be more of an un-bonding session and judging by the state of fitness of some of them could be potentially lethal.

As it happens the only person who gets hurt at training tonight is me and perhaps MD but he seems unscathed. I tripped over him during one of our training runs, came down heavy on my ankle and twisted it. This is not good, not with a half marathon on Sunday.

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