Tuesday, June 29, 2010


I hate driving to work. Someone had broken down on the A52 this morning. The ensuing traffic jam made sure it took me an hour and a quarter to get to work. Well, at least I got another disc of John Grisham done.

When I get home, I know I have two things to remember. One, to take something out of the freezer for tea. Done. Two... oh yes, Son, remember to bring Son down to the college for his presentation. He's won an award for being a swot or something. We are proud parents. So I best remember him, it wouldn't really work without him.

As his lecturer presents him with his prize I notice how spookily alike the two of them are. It’s scary and I have photos to prove it.

After all that excitement, I decide to skip dog training and delight the dogs by taking them on the park instead. Suppose it's a bit like when you were a kid and you turned up for school only to find that someone had burnt it down, so all lessons were off.

As it’s now mid evening, the weather is cooling off but still they return with tongues dragging on the floor. That’ll be the last we hear of them tonight.

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