Monday, June 7, 2010


I’m in the car, so naturally the traffic is terrible and I’m fifteen minutes late for work.

I forward on to L some photos of my friend’s new puppy. I get the expected reaction. ‘OMG he's gorgeous’. She’ll go all broody on me now. Problem is, he’s got a little brother, a tri-colour who’s in need of a good home... but NO. Just think of the teeth and the furniture. Oh hang on a sec, we haven't got any furniture anymore. MD’s eaten it all.

L’s already got a name from him... Toby. Which would be awful, you can’t call a dog Toby, everyone will call him ‘my little Toby jug’. Yuk.

Having a new puppy would of course mean our current one will be out-puppied and he might have to face up to the fact that at some stage he’ll need to become more of an alpha dog. Maybe.

Training tonight, MD this time, although I'm not so sure we’ll be quite as lucky with the rain as we were last night but surprisingly we are. It throws it down all day until mid afternoon, and then stops.

Daughter texts me whilst I'm there, asking me to check out the new gadget she wants, the HTC Desire, which thankfully turns out to be a mobile phone.

It must be a day for puppies, there’s another gorgeous one at training, a Pyrenean terrier. I take a photo, so that I can show it to the two broody girls back home with again predictable results.

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