Wednesday, June 16, 2010

No Fit State

Well I’ve done all the training for Friday and Saturday’s dog shows, so today I thought it best to do some training for Sunday’s bike ride and on the right bike as well. Yep, as it’s a nice day, I get my new bike out and ride it to work for the first time.

It takes me around five minutes less than usual, although it wasn’t quite the fastest I’ve ever done it. It’s not that my new bike is that much quicker, it was just a case of having to see how fast I could do the distance.

My posh wheels cause a bit of a stir at work and everybody admires it, which is kind of nice, particularly as no one likes it enough to nick it. They say there's no turning back once you've ridden your best bike to work... we’ll see, I’d hate to get it dirty.

The football fixtures are out today and yet again its Leeds v Derby first game. I’m so glad the first game is away, as I plan to be on holiday that week but I’m a bit gutted to miss going up to Leeds for that one.

Luckily not one of the mad events I have planned in the near future clash with any home games. So I came out of that rather well, for once, and highly unexpected, as everything clashed last year and I missed three of the first five home games.

I’m fast riding home as well. Then, as I arrive with stinging legs, it dawns on me... I have a squash game tonight. It’s 6.15, I can barely stand up and we’re playing at 7.00 rather than at the usual 7.30, which gives me less time to recover.

So basically I’m in no fit state for squash, to coin a phrase 'fit for nothing', consequently I get slaughtered because he happens to choose this week to be on his best form, and I spend most of the match lusting for the post match pint. This, when it arrives, is incredibly well received.

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