Sunday, August 15, 2010

This Is Going To Hurt

Back to reality today. The reality of having to go to work and the reality of having the Nottingham Half Marathon looming just 27 days away. Two weeks before that I have the Chesterfield 10 miler.

Both L and I book into a 10k for the weekend, for training purposes. The Welbourn Castle 10k is off road and reviews of last year's inaugural event on Runners World are not promising, in fact they are horrendous. It is so not my type of event. However they say they've changed the course this year, even introduced a bit of road to it and beggars, who are low on training, can’t be choosers.

I get the bus into work, as I’m going to run home.

My last training run was 9 miles a few weeks ago, so I daren’t drop the distance from that. I need to get some miles under my feet. However, after nearly two weeks with only one run and that was just a short one with L on holiday, I know this is going to hurt. It does. Though knowing it will does not make it any easier.

Somehow, with a few stops, I manage an impress 10.75 miles, though it wasn’t pretty. As further punishment for being a slacker I vow to cycle to work tomorrow.

Son is away, so L puts on the protective clothing and goes up to blitz his room. Collecting up the hundreds of empty pot noodles cartons, half-eaten pizza slices, empty Strongbow cans and probably the odd packed lunch from school that’s been festering for the last three years. I think the environment is so harsh up there that even the cockroaches are having trouble surviving there.

(Monday 16th August)

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