Thursday, August 26, 2010

Off The Leash

A day off and a dog show, what else?

MD obviously likes running early, we run number 5 and he has a great run. One slight mistake and we almost missed a jump but it wasn't a refusal as he didn't go beyond the wing of the jump. That's the rule... but the judge faulted us. I'm livid. He's so on my black list now. A spectator who I didn't know even came up to me and said it was clear. Well at least no poles went down. Rant over.

We do get genuine refusals in his other runs, which is a shame cause he's jumping well today, no poles down at all, weaving very well and he's quick. When (if) it all comes together we'll be awesome.

Bodger (aka Doggo) has two nice runs, both clear. Both top 15 placings but not quite good enough for a rosette. I promise to tell L about my embarrassing moment at the hands of Bodger during his third run when I meet her later...

I think perhaps he’s trying to tell me he's ready for retirement. He left the ring for a sniff three jumps from end of course when clear. So embarrassing.

I meet L in Broadway and we eat out. With both kids away we're off the leash this weekend. Not that it usually stops us anyway. Heaven help us when we're off the leash for an extended period when they’re both at uni. L reckons it'll be nothing but sex and nights out... Sounds great! Financially, it would be cheaper to concentrate on one of those options.

The ale is good tonight as well, excellent Milestone Tucks Tipple. Only 4.2% but tasting much stronger.

Guns N Roses Leeds performance on Sunday could be worth seeing, if anyone can stay up that late... after they started their Reading Festival set tonight at 10.30pm, an hour late. Despite them being scheduled to finish at 11pm and an absolute curfew of 11.30, the band still managed to play until nearly midnight. Then as the band tried to return for an encore, the power was cut. As they played 'Paradise City' only the drums could be heard as all other instruments had been switched off. Axl Rose decided to sing the track through a megaphone.

No great surprise, stories of Axl Rose turning up late are the thing of legend. When they last played Reading/Leeds in 2002, they took to the stage at Leeds after they were supposed to have left it. Suppose any publicity is good publicity to them.

(Friday 27th August)

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