Sunday, August 29, 2010

Retirement On Hold

Daughter returned last night from the Leeds Festival. It sounds like it went well apart from the cracking blisters she’s got from spending the weekend in wellies. That paper round could be quite an interesting hobble this morning. We expect Son to turn up sometime today, maybe. Guns n Roses, of course, rounded the whole thing off in their own diminutive style. Late. Though only by thirty minutes of so, which is modest by their standards. Of course they ran well over again but clearly they’re going soft. Both Son and Daughter seem to cite their festival highlight as Pendulum... hmmmm.

I’m back at Scunny for another day at the agility show up there. The first two runs bring two eliminations for Doggo. Mostly my fault really. On the first one, I sent him over start jump rather than finish jump. Oops. Which was a bit silly of me but not as unlikely as it sounds. The second run though, we stormed round. We was quick! Mainly because a German Shepherd went round the course before him... and that wound him up. He has a thing about German Shepherds. Perhaps we were too fast, because we got one jump wrong and that was us out. I’m a bit annoyed with myself but for now the retirement’s on hold. He does get a good solid clear later on but unfortunately there isn’t a German Shepherd in front of us this time and it isn’t so fast.

Meanwhile I'm thrilled with MD, who bags a couple of clears with accompanying rosettes for 15th and 16th. Excellent and I know we can go a lot quicker.

L tells me she’s cooking lamb chops in red wine tonight because that’s what Mikael Blomkvist (of 'The Girl with the Dragon Tattoo') always cooks for his current shag... I wonder if she’s expecting company or just me.

(Monday 30th August)

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