Tuesday, August 3, 2010

Holiday Mode

L's in holiday mode already, well, she says she can't be bothered to work.

Typically the weather’s turned foul, right on queue. Not good for holidays or the 10k I have tonight or the outdoor dog training I have this afternoon.

L reckons the holiday situation is easily solved because it'll be romantic in a tent with a bottle of red. Especially if the dogs are in the car and not the tent. Sounds like we’re taking wine then, which is usually a dangerous thing to do. Though, we're at a dog show for the first few days, so probably best to take a few bottles to pass the time.

I’m dogging this afternoon because the club have offered everyone an additional free two hour session. There is an evening session but... we have this run. A 10k from Mickleover, named after a chap who used to be L’s boss when she was 17. Not sure if this is why she wants to run it or not. Hopefully the foul weather will make me want to run faster and I’ll get a good time.

All of which I’ll report back on later, cause now I’m in holiday mode myself.

Back in ten days or so.

(Wednesday 4th August)

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