Friday, August 20, 2010

All Or Nothing

Seems I’m in the correct place today. Cheshire. Where it doesn’t rain at all. Nottingham apparently is very wet.

MD’s first run of the day. Clear. Yay. Clearly my many injuries haven't held him or me back. Toe seems ok. Back ok too. That is his highlight though. One clear from four. He’s running well but just keeps knocking poles. Someone suggests putting flashing lights on the poles so that he can see them. Hmmm, that would just give him one more thing to bark at.

Doggo also has only one clear, but from three in his case. In his (our) defence they were tough courses at his level today and we had to go for it, all or nothing as they say. That'll be nothing then. We share the blame, one mess up each. Still, he can stay in tonight to ponder on why he missed out the 'wishing well' whilst L and I nip down the Crown.

(Saturday 21st August)

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