Sunday, August 22, 2010

I Have No Idea What She’s On About

I fail in my role as supportive partner and forget to kick L out of bed at 6am or to even walk the dogs so that she can leave early. Oops.

Not that our little dog seemed in need of a walk anyway. He looked too tired to put one paw in front of the other this morning, let alone patrol his patch but apparently he managed. The deer, who were grazing peacefully on the golf course, got the brunt of his barking. Oh dear or should that be oh deer. No one needs an alarm clock around our way once MD is out and on patrol. L describes it as like walking with the Gestapo.

I’m late but I make the bus, no problem, as it was 15 minutes late which should be impossible as they’re now every 10 minutes.

I’m on the bus because I run most of the way home after work, running between bus shelters to dodge the frequent, heavy but mercifully brief showers. Daughter is at a BBQ this evening, hence the rain. The run goes well, much better than last week when oddly I hadn’t done a 10k the day before. I stop where I finished last week, at 10.75 miles, to buy a drink because I can’t think of anywhere else I would be able to get something appropriate and then carry on to complete my 12 miles.

I was feeling rather smug after that until L texts to tell me she’s done 80 lengths of the pool. That’s not the really amazing news though. Earlier she had emailed me at work and asked if I was sitting down because she had something to tell me. OMG. What could this be...

Son had asked her if could join her for a lane swim. Perhaps I would have been better standing up, as I practically fell off yet another chair. Wonder what’s brought that on but who cares. Good for him.

L wonders if this girl he’s friendly with is a better swimmer. She says she knows how the male pride works when a girl is in front of them. I have no idea what she’s on about.

(Monday 23rd August)

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