Thursday, August 19, 2010

Mislaid Plans

L wants to be up at six and I need to be up not much later if I’m to cycle. The weather though looks a bit unpromising. No, scrub that comment, the weather looks ugly, plus I still have a damaged toe and a bad back. Think I best stay in bed where it’s safer, I can’t injure myself in here surely.

In the end neither of us gets up until at least an hour later. I miss my bike deadline and I’m also too late for the bus. So it’s the car again, well at least I can ‘read’ my book and it’s always nice to have a lie in with L.

I can put my feet up tomorrow, kind of, even though it’s a dog show. The dogs can do all the running around.

After work, L makes up for her mislaid plans from this morning by going for a long run whilst I limp around the park with the dogs. My back seems to be improving, despite an hour of ball throwing, but my foot is getting worse. Then we dump the dogs and head into town for some liquid anaesthetic for my toe.

(Friday 20th August)

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