Monday, March 15, 2010

An Unusual Substitution

There’s a match tonight and usually I’d park the car at my parent’s house and run into work. Today though I figure that the legs could do with a break, so I brave the gridlock and take the car all the way to work.

The match is better than expected, although when Middlesbrough go ahead we expect it to end in the usual defeat. Derby though battle back and after an unusual substitution from Mr Clough, e.g. a positive attacking one, we fight back, equalise and then take the lead. Unfortunately they then succumb to a last minute equaliser and a draw does little for the clubs perilous position but at least the performance was encouraging.

On the day that 'sleep lessons for grumpy teens’ is in the news, as I drive home I get call from Daughter on my mobile phone. This results in a late night diversion to retrieve her and a couple of friends from a night out topping up their sleep deprivation in Nottingham. The article is all very well but I can't imagine any teenagers listening.

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