Wednesday, March 24, 2010

Medieval Torture

It’s my third day out of four on the bike today and boy are the legs tired now. This does not bode well for the weekend. When practising tyre changes with L last night, I finally got around to putting my new tyres on. So thankfully more grip today and my back tyre even stayed up.

What also doesn’t bode well is the climb up Mow Cop on Sunday which comes after only 15 miles of the Cheshire Cat. Apparently if you are simply riding a standard double chainset like me, you might as well forget it and walk up unless you have exceptionally strong legs. So not necessarily looking forward to that. Perhaps I could rendezvous with L at the bottom and she could lend me her bike, she has a triple chainset, so has lower gears. I might make it on that.

(Sorry can’t remember where I got this photo from so can’t give credit)

L’s clearly been preparing for the likely pain this might involved and has been training on what she describes as the new medieval torture devices at John Carroll Leisure Centre. They now have some stretching machines installed... I can’t even begin to picture what she means unless they really have installed a medieval rack... Suppose if it was going cheap the council would have gone for it. I must go and have a look myself.

In the evening we go to a presentation evening about going to University for Daughter’s benefit, who tries to look as disinterested as possible. Perhaps she is disinterested in which case it was a waste of time and I needn’t have given up squash to go. It is though cracking entertainment when they get around to the Q&A session with the students at the end. Brings back so many memories...

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