Monday, March 22, 2010

Meals On Wheels

Doggo has it on him this morning. The milkman disturbs him at around 3.30am and he seems to be jittery for the rest of the night after that, keeping both L and I awake in the process. Had its benefits though. I’ll pay him in Bonios later.

I cycle in to work again, two days in a row. It’s a long time since I last did that. There’s a mega long queue in Spondon and I notice that ahead, at the lights, a cyclist is remonstrating with a van driver who is making full use of the ‘Advanced Stop Zone’ which as we all know if for the exclusive us of vans, taxis, boy racers and BMW drivers.

The cyclist seems to have misunderstood that just because they’ve painted a bike on it it’s for cyclists. The bike symbol is just for decoration I believe. I leave them to it and line up behind the van and the box with the other traffic.

In the evening it’s a rare family outing as all four of us go over to L’s parents because it’s her Mum’s birthday. In an attempt to avoid a trip to another cheap-but-not-cheerful-all-you-can-eat Chinese or similar, L cooks Lasagne and takes it round with us. Yes for the evening we have become meals on wheels.

It’s always entertaining to get the family together because the two kids banter so well together. Daughter does an excellent line in ranting, about all kinds of diverse subjects and I think she’s being serious most of the time, whereas Son has become the master of the droll one line put me down. All excellent entertainment and makes for a pleasant evening out, perhaps I should have recorded it all, it would make an excellent podcast.

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